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The boring iconic hat man is now in Watch Dogs: Legion

Via the Bloodline DLC

Look, I know some of you like Aiden Pearce and the original Watch_Dogs. I've seen you on Twitter talking about how it was grittier than the games that followed. You thought Aiden was dark and haunted, like a Batman who fell down a well and landed in a cave filed with baseball caps.

I happen to think you're wrong, but I'm happy for you, really. The new Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline DLC is out now, and it adds a bearded Capman to the most recent of Ubisoft's hackfests.

Bloodline is about Pearce and the masked hacker Wrench from Watch Dogs 2 heading seperately to Legion's London in pursuit of a device that will allow whoever owns it to control an army of robots. You'll play as both characters at different points of the story. It is, generally, the mixture of sneaking, hacking and cracking heads you expect from all previous flavours of Watch Dogs.

This is the first major story DLC for the open world game since it launched last year, and Bloodline's release date has been moved around a few times. It's less interesting to me than the reintroduction of multiplayer modes about hacking other players, which are on the roadmap to be added to Legion in August.

To get a fuller picture of my views on Pearce, you could read my review of the original Watch Dogs from back in 2014. I describe him as "mild", which is a cutting burn, you'll agree. I'd also argue that as a game, it's "dark" only in the sense that women have no agency at any point during its story.

Anyway, Legion is better, and maybe that'll lift Pearce to new heights. Alice B is playing it right now and will offer some proper thoughts soon.

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Watch Dogs Legion

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