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The brilliant 1TB WD Blue SN550 is down to $100 at Newegg right now

Plus $60 off a 1TB Black SN750.

Newegg have just chopped $30 off the 1TB version of the excellent WD Blue SN550, taking this once $120 SSD down to an all-time low of $100. This is a fantastic price for a fantastic SSD, and is just one of many great SSD deals Newegg currently have as part of their just-gone-live Fantastech sale, which is their version of Amazon Prime Day. Read on for my top SSD deal highlights.

The SN550 is one of my favourite NVMe SSDs to date. Not only is its everyday performance is top notch, but it's also a heck of a lot cheaper than many of its NVMe rivals - although these, too, have also received some rather tempting discounts today. Personally, the SN550 is the pick of the bunch for me, as its random read and write speeds are more than fast enough for a modern day gaming PC in my opinion, and you're not really getting that much more for your money by opting for something more expensive.

Still, if nothing but the best will do, then various models of WD's nippier Black SN750 are also on sale right now. The biggest offer is on the 1TB non-heatsink version, which has had $60 shaved off its usual price of $180, taking it down to a much more agreeable $120. They've also knocked $37 off the 500GB non-heatsink model, too, taking this normally $100 SSD down to $63.

Meanwhile, if it's a SATA SSD you're after, then the WD Blue 3D NAND is also part of Newegg's Fantastech sale. While not quite as fast as its Crucial MX500 and Samsung 860 Evo rivals, the Blue 3D NAND is still a great SATA SSD in its own right and is currently the one I recommend in my RPS Rig build. It's the 1TB model that's on sale today, too, giving you buckets of storage for $42 less than normal.

I should also note that the M.2 versions of the Blue 3D NAND are going cheap in Newegg's big sale, too, with the 500GB and 1TB models going for $55 and $88 respectively. However, while these might look like NVMe SSDs, you're still limited to the same speeds as their SATA counterparts here - so if you've got an M.2 port on your motherboard, you'll be much better off getting a proper NVMe drive like the SN550 or SN750 linked above.

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