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The brilliant WD Blue SN550 is down to $44 right now

A truly Super SSD Deal

Attention all SSD deals hunters, the excellent WD Blue SN550 is going cheap over on Amazon again, and you can currently grab a 250GB stick for as little as $44 right now - a very agreeable saving of $11. Plus, if you're quick, you can get a similar saving on the top 1TB model, which is currently down to $106.

In case you've missed me banging on about how great this SSD is over the last few months, the WD Blue SN550 is hands down the best SSD you can buy right now, as it's not only got super fast read and write speeds, but its low price also makes it a much better buy than its similarly priced SATA rivals. And with the 250GB model now down to an even more tempting $44, there's really no excuse not to get one if you're thinking about upgrading your PC at the moment.

Alas, the 500GB model is still a rather expensive $70 at the moment, and my price tracker shows you could have got one for $60 just last week. As a result, I wouldn't recommend buying this particular size capacity right now, as it's more than likely to come back down again if you give it another week or two.

The 1TB model, on the other hand, is a good buy at the moment, as this would normally set you back $115. Amazon say there's only one left in stock at the moment, so its current price of $106 may well change once that goes, but this is currently the lowest price the 1TB version has ever been according to my price tracker, making it a good time to pick one up.

It's also much better value than opting for a 1TB WD Black SN750, for example, or a 1TB Samsung 970 Evo, too. The former will set you back $150 at the moment, while the Samsung is an even more costly $180 at time of writing, making the WD Blue SN550 a much more tempting option for those after a big SSD that won't completely break the bank.

Of course, other SSDs are available, so if you're after something a bit more SATA shaped, or just want to browse around for the best prices, you'll find them all in our regularly updated SSD deals page.

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