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Tombsday: Owl Cave's Making Charnel House Trilogy 

Triple creepiness

Remember Sepulchre and how you all played it based on my Have You Played…? recommendation? Well apparently it's now part of a trilogy – The Charnel House Trilogy, to be precise.

Owl Cave's creepy horror short will thus be getting a prequel and a sequel called Inhale and exhale respectively. It's basically a Sepulchre sandwich except calling it that would have been less in keeping with the entombment theme than Charnel House. God, I'm really hungry.

ANYWAY. In case you'd forgotten, Sepulchre was all about a chap called Dr Harold Lang and his point and click interactions with the occupants of a creepy train. I don't really like telling people more because it's such a short game I might spoil something.

Inhale – the prequel – follows Alex Davenport. She's somehow connected to the events on the train but her story is set to revolve around an awaited delivery and a traumatic past. As someone who had a terrible experience with Yodel last summer I fully accept an awaited delivery as a valid premise for a horror story.

The sequel, Exhale, returns to Alex who is now attempting to journey to a mysterious island called Augur Peak while still battling the secrets of her past. As someone who has owned a Citroen AX so dreadful and slow and awful it was overtaken by a beep-happy HGV on a dual carriageway going uphill I fully accept a journey to anywhere as a valid premise for a horror story.

"Inhale, a very deeply personal story to me, existed in largely the same form since before Sepulchre was developed," said the trilogy's writer Ashton Raze. "Exhale is the natural continuation of that. The new protagonist, Alex, brought to life amazingly by Madeleine [Roux], is one of the most important characters in the canon, and my personal favorite. Hopefully people will get as much enjoyment out of playing her as I did writing her."

There's not an exact date but Owl Cave is planning a Steam release which is set for April.

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