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The clever and beautiful Cooler Master NR200P ITX case is down to £54

A bargain basement price for one of the best small form factor PC cases.

The Cooler Master NR200P is one of the best small form factor PC cases on the market, but it normally costs around £100 - a fair amount of money. Today though, you can pick up the case for nearly half off, as CCL are selling this model for just £54.

For context, the last time we wrote about a big discount to this model, it was down to £76 - so this is the best deal we've ever seen on the NR200P by some margin!

As this is the NR200P, rather than the standard NR200, you get some nice extras too - including a choice of glass and mesh side panels, two 120mm fans and a PCIe riser cable that lets you mount your graphics card vertically.

We haven't reviewed the NR200P here at Rock Paper Shotgun - I'd recommend the Techtesters review if you'd like to watch one - but I can provide a small personal recommendation.

I actually have built two systems in these cases - a Ryzen 3000 system in a white NR200P and a 13th-gen Intel system in a black NR200P Max - and they're bloody brilliant. It comes down to three things: ease of installation, a good degree of component flexibility and good thermal results.

So - ease of installation first, as I feel this is one of the things that can potentially put people off a small form factor build. The benefit with the NR200P is that a) things are set up out of the box to make things easy and b) you have great access to the whole case. You can take off panels from every side, leaving you with a completely open frame that makes it easy to install your motherboard, run cables and test-fit your build. There are velcro straps to keep cable mess with a minimum, and it's generally obvious where things go. (As a side benefit, a ton of people have bought this case, so there are plenty of online guides and tutorials to help you discover the optimum positioning and components).

Secondly, flexibility. The NR200P can accommodate air or AiO CPU coolers, full-size GPUs in vertical or horizontal orientations, SFX or SFX-L power supplies, and of course you have the choice between a ventilated metal or glass side panel. This can be a bit overwhelming at first, but generally as you make one decision about your components, the other choices will fall in place - for example, I went for the 280mm AiO option, which necessitated an SFX power supply and a standard horizontal GPU mount. I managed to fit a full-size RTX 3090 in here as well, so you can fit a surprising amount of horsepower within its compact 18L dimensions. It's not the smallest SFF case, but I think it strikes an excellent balance between usability and form factor.

Finally, performance: with the 280mm AiO and vented side panels installed, I got excellent thermals on the Ryzen 3900XT processor, better even that the NZXT H1 v2 (which, admittedly, has a more power-hungry Core i5 12600K processor). The whole system stays quite cool, and although it's not silent it's certainly quiet enough to be used as a media PC or a LAN party optimised gaming rig.

So: altogether, a great small form factor PC case available at a truly awesome price - do read some reviews and pick one up if you're interested!

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