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The Colour Of Music: Audiosurf Air Rides In

Once upon a time, Audiosurf was briefly RPS' favourite game ever (although not in the case of John, who only likes beat-free music featuring men with nasal American accents*. Or Jim, who doesn't like emotions). We put in our songs, we turned them into blissfully surreal racetracks/match-3 puzzles, we fought endlessly for higher scores to prove we knew our most beloved songs better than anyone else did. And then we stopped. Why? Oh, there's probably an essay in that, but the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long, basically.

I earnestly hope that newly-announced sequel Audiosurf Air will bring about a new fever for digital synesthesia, though: I have almost a half-year of new music that was never Audiosurfed, all manner of new colour-explosions, rollercoaster drops and giddy undulations potentially awaiting me.

What we don't know is, well, anything. Audiosurf Air is built in Unity, will be out this year and, judging by the screenshots will see the block-dodging match-3 element return. What could that 'Air' mean? Is it just a subtitle? Does it suggest this is primarily made for mobile telephones? Or will be the first game that only runs on Macbook Airs? Or that creator Dylan Fitterer has delved so far into the realisation of the ephemeral that this new game exists only as as a flickering presence in the wind, only sensed and never truly seen? We shall find out soon, no doubt.

My greatest hope is that we can plug Spotify directly into it, so when I'm engaging, say, Kieron in a Kate Bush-off I can be 100% sure we are playing the same file without having to naughtily post MP3s to each other. Which we definitely never did, right?

More pictures and, later on, details at the official siteweb. You can also sign up for an as-yet unspecified beta there, if you're willing to throw your email address into the hat.

* John also likes the music of Azealia Banks.

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