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The Counter-Strike: Source map that led to Left 4 Dead leaked, and you can play it

The Zombie_City map could be the basis of Turtle Rock's Terror Strike

A big batch of maps for Counter-Strike: Source has been leaked, and among it is what’s believed to be an early prototype of what would one day become Left 4 Dead. Mod developer WolfCl0ck has made some adjustments to the map, called Zombie_City, and uploaded it online for people to play. WolfCl0ck claims this map is related to the prototype of Left 4 Dead, back when Turtle Rock was calling the project Terror Strike. You can watch the Zombie City mod in action below.

Modder WolfCl0ck has shared a possible early prototype of Left 4 Dead online.

“Zombie_City is a map created by Valve (or possibly Turtle Rock Studios) that was a part of the map sources folder that released today,” WolfCl0ck said about the mod. “It is likely the starting point of Left 4 Dead, and for those of you who have heard the name ‘Terror-Strike’ before, you will love to get the chance to play this prototype level.” To get the map working smoothly, the Zombie City mod gives the original map some nips and tucks to textures and adds a nav mesh.

Zombie City tasks Counter-Strike: Source’s terrorists with placing a bomb while fending off an infinitely respawning wave of undead counter-terrorists who can only use melee attacks. As noted by GamesRadar, YouTuber Tyler McVicker claims that the leaked map represents developer Turtle Rock’s original prototyped vision for a multiplayer shooter infested with a zombie horde that got the attention of Valve, leading to the creation of Left 4 Dead. Only a few screenshots from Turtle Rock’s Terror Strike project have been seen before now.

Counter-Strike: Source is on Steam for £9/$10/€10.

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