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Creative Assembly GameJam Returns To EGX Rezzed

You like being judged, yeah?

The Creative Assembly Gamejam is returning to EGX Rezzed. On the Friday of the show, April 8th, teams of developers will work all day making games, and those games will then be judged by a panel of experts on Saturday during a developer session. The jam is open to amateur and professional alike, and if you're interested you can register to take part over here.

This is the jam's fourth year and has previously seen a lot of success, including games like Tango Fiesta being initially created during the show. You can watch last year's developer session to see what the judging process is like here:

There are a few rules outlined on the entry form linked above - you must be over 18 to enter, for example, and you'll need to bring your own hardware and software - but otherwise it seems straightforward.

If you're more into playing games than making them, you still might want to pop along to EGX Rezzed 2016 this year. It takes place April 7th-9th at the Tobacco Dock in London and features over 100 games to play, including unusual indie fare and the HTC Vive headset. RPS will also be there, with our own pick of games and developer sessions.

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