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The creator of Final Fantasy now has his own FF14 clothing line

House of SakaGUCCI

I wish I could take credit for that strapline up there, but alas, I cannot. That's right, the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, really has created his own Final Fantasy XIV clothing label called sakaGUCCI - and he's been showing off his designs on Twitter with some truly great fashion poses.

Technically, Final Fantasy XIV players can't actually create their own custom clothing in Square Enix's mega MMO, but items you craft and sell to other players retain the name of the player who made them. As such, the clothing sold by Sakaguchi will have the "sakaGUCCI" label attached to them - and it's all thanks to his Lv.90 weaver Lalafell character. I've included a couple of my favourite designs below, but there are loads more on Sakaguchi's Twitter if you want to see the entire collection.

That is some serious fashionista sass, right there.

According to Sakaguchi's tweets, items are priced based on how difficult they are to craft and the cost of the materials, and now that the game has finally gone back on sale today, there will no doubt be hordes of avid Final Fantasy fans eager to get their hands on them.

However, Sakaguchi has also asked players not to re-sell their sakaGUCCI clothes on the game's marketplace, presumably to try and prevent them from turning into crazy expensive collector's items. Instead, he's called for players to glamour them instead so they can't be traded, and has warned that his signature will disappear from items when they're made into an illusion with the Mirage Dresser.

Personally, I'm just enjoying seeing all of Sakaguchi's fancy posed screenshots. While the Final Fantasy creator hasn't worked on an FF game in years, it's nice to see he's still enjoying the series as a player, as his Twitter page has been full of his other Final Fantasy XIV exploits recently. The only question I have is this: sakaGUCCI grape collection when?

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