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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Directive 8020’s teaser trailer has leaked

Ahead of The Devil In Me’s launch tomorrow

A short teaser for the next horror game in Supermassive’s The Dark Pictures Anthology series has emerged on YouTube. Called Directive 8020, it seems like this one is going full sci-fi and heading all the way into outer space, Event Horizon style. The teaser video seems to have been taken from the end of an advance copy of its predecessor The Devil In Me, which is released tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for our review. Supermassive will likely follow up with an official teaser after The Devil In Me's out. You can watch the leaked teaser below, if you’re not spooked by the possibility of spoilers.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Directive 8020 looks out of this world. Sorry.

We’ve been aware of Directive 8020 for a good few months, as details of The Dark Pictures Anthology’s second season were revealed by trademark filings back in February. Four other upcoming game titles were shown in the filings: The Craven Man, Intercession, Winterfold, and the unusual sounding Presents O Death. The first season of The Dark Pictures only had four games, so that last one might be something different than we’re used to from the anthology series.

Rebecca had a chance to go hands-on with the imminent The Dark Pictures instalment The Devil In Me just before Halloween, and reckoned it could end up being the best one yet. It’s a different kind of game to the first three, because there’s no supernatural goings on. Directive 8020 sounds like it’ll veer straight into sci-fi horror onboard a starship, which continues the break from the supernatural The Devil In Me has started. Will it end up feeling like a straight-to-video take on other horror games such as Dead Space or Alien: Isolation though? Actually, that sounds quite interesting.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me creeps onto Steam tomorrow, November 18th. No release date for Directive 8020 just yet, but I'll update you when more's announced.

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