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The Dark Souls 3 mod adding Sekiro weapons looks amazing

Check out these hot clips

The stabbing worlds of Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice come together in Blades Of Ashina, a DS3 mod which adds a number of Sekiro-inspired weapons. Mods swapping in weapon from other games are common, but these are full additions: they have unique moves, adding complex setups and combos with the speed and variety of Sekiro. Looks dead fancy. Come check out these sweet clips of upcoming murders with Owl's sword.

Made by Rogier "Rhodan" Noordhuizen, Blades Of Ashina's first version came out in June 2020, and it was last udpated it in January. You can download the current version from Nexus Mods. At the moment it has nine Sekiro-y weapons, including Sekiro's Kusabimaru and the sickle wielded by Nightjars, as well as some spells. And he's working on new ones:

Rhodan added in a follow-up: "We have officially progressed from 'Everything has some form of guardpierce because Sekiro has a lot of that' to 'you know what, just fuck shields'". Yeah! Eat it, shields.

These are wild moves to see in Dark Souls 3. The game does have some flashy attacks and combos, but few seem nearly as striking (or useful!) as these.

Future updates might be slow, though, as Rhodan notes he's been having nasty wrist issues. Oh dear. Get well soon.

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