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The Darkness II's Tentacular Executions 

The Darkness II is violent. How violent? It has executions, but it has different categories of them. CataGOREies, if you will. This pair of trailers is part of series showing what you can pull off. Mostly limbs, it seems.

The first one is the delightfully detailed "Torn Apart", in which tentacles colloquially known as Slashy and Grabby, treat the human body like it was a wishbone. I hope they got what they wished for! You'll be able to do this all on your own when the game is out on PC on the 10th February,

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The second is "Sliced". I surmised before watching it that the appendages would be attacking their victims in more of a choppy, stabby action than in the first video. In fact if you'll check under your seat you'll find an envelope. Don't open it just yet. Wait till the blood has settled.

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Now open it and read it out to everyone. "Stomach Whip, Clean Break, and Butchered." I'll be taking applause for the next five minutes. You may begin.

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