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The Division 2 takes the Pentagon down a peg in next week's story update

Party in the DoD

New York? I'm over it. DC? Done. The White House? Have you seen the state of it? After taking on some of America's most famous landmarks, Tom Clancy's casualwear combatants are preparing to burn down the country's most infamous shape. Title Update 6 for The Division 2 arrives alongside Episode 2 of the game's ongoing story, placing an army of baseball-cap warriors against highly-trained mercenaries in the heart of the USA's military might next week.

This bloke in the video's clearly not read the news, mind. "No time to prepare, we hit today"? Did you miss a memo? The update's not for another week, mate.

While I gather most of The Division's secret police are all-too-familiar with the seat of American military power, they won't be waltzing through the front door this time around. Black Tusk have taken control of a lab beneath The Last Castle. It's up to you (and preferably, your mates) to sneak into America's favourite shape and stop the baddies before they make off with a nifty new bio-reactor.

Naturally, it takes some high-tech know-how to break into something like the Pentagon. Title Update 6 adds a new specialisation, the Technician, for doing just that. Now, I've not been to a repair shop in a while, but I'm a little shocked to learn that Technicians carry a honking great missile launcher. How is that going to fix my computer woes, sir? Year 1 Pass holders will unlock the specialisation for free, while others can unlock them by carrying out a series of short missions.

Episode 2's intro and two main missions open up for pass holders on October 15th, while regular folks must wait until the 22nd to go diving for loot in the Department of Defense. But beyond next week's story missions, would-be raiders will have to hang around for a little while longer to get their fill.

Despite fond feedback on the game's first raid, Operation Dark Hours, Ubisoft have decided that the next endgame trial needs a bit more polish before being sent out on deployment.

"Reading the feedback on our forums and listening to the discussions with the community, it became apparent that releasing our second raid at this stage would not allow us to deliver the optimum experience that you expect. With that in mind, we've made the decision to delay the launch of our second raid until 2020. The extra time for our teams will help ensure the second raid not only meets our standards, but yours as well."

Title Update 6 also adds a "significant number" of balance changes, tweaks, updates and fixes to The Division 2 when it drops on October 15th. A full list of these, plus more details on Title Update 6, can be found over on Ubisoft's blog.

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