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The Division 2's Summit is a 100-storey skyscraper from hell

Going up?

Have you watched... The Raid? The folks behind The Division 2 clearly have, because the urban murder RPG's next update is adding a whopping great skyscraper to the streets of post-collapse New York. With the front doors opening later this month, The Summit presents you and your pals with a daunting 100-storey deathtrap of office desks and heavy firearms to test yourself against.

Akin to the first game's Underground, The Summit is a procedural sprawl of shoot-outs and loot-drops for end-game players to bash their heads against.

Available to players who've finished Warlords Of New York, The Summit's 100-level dungeon is a kinda roguelite crawl for folks willing to put their love of loot before a fear of heights. Each new level presents a new set of baddies with their own objectives - from bomb defusal and hostage rescue to straight-up slaughter - with the difficulty ramped up each floor.

You don't have to do the whole hundred at once, mind. You'll get a checkpoint in case of a wipe every 3 floors, while a "rally point" is set every 10 levels, letting you hop straight back should you want to try another time. Additionally, if you reckon you've reached your limit, you can simply choose not to go up a floor after finishing one, opting instead to return the last rally point to re-run similar fights.

Despite today's trailer, The Summit has actually been in testing for about a week. Ubisoft have been pretty transparent about the feedback so far over in a blog post, noting that the final tower should come with more frequent variations on objectives, and wisely removing enemies that can shoot through walls on the final floor. Fair 'nuff.

The Summit opens up for level 40 Division 2 agents on September 22nd. If they end up throwing in the cast of The Raid as the final antagonists, we'd really be onto something special. Just sayin'.

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