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The Division Update 1.2 Brings New Content Next Week

New content, new dickery

Only last week, the new Hitman introduced 'elusive targets' who appear for a brief while and only offer one chance to take 'em down - they're pretty fun! It's not quite the same, but The Division [official site] will next week introduce daily 'high-value targets' in Update 1.2 (nicknamed 'Conflict'). Probably more importantly, it'll also add a new Incursion. And new weapons and gear. And the ability to be even more of a dick in the Dark Zone by cutting the extraction rope on someone's loot bag to swipe it. Good times!

Here, this new trailer gives an overview:

The new Incursion is Clear Sky, set around New York's Columbus Circle, where those naughty Rikers have seized control of anti-air missile batteries. As for high-value targets, Ubi say in an accompanying blog post:

"The HVT officer inside your base of operations will provide you with a list of these targets, along with a description, their level, and the recommended gear score you need to engage them. You’ll have a limited amount of time and only one chance to take down these targets."

Ubi have also spoken before about changes to crafting coming in 1.2.

The Conflict update is due next Tuesday, May 24th. Before then, on the 19th at 10am PDT (6pm UK time), Ubi will show a bit in a Twitch stream. Paid expansions are in the works too, of course; three are announced, with the first due in June.

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