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The Division's First Year Of Updates And DLC Detailed

Almost ready to start

It's gone five o'clock, which must mean... ah yes, here we are, Ubisoft have sent me something new about The Division [official site]. Following pre-load and unlock times, trailers galore, and a vision of my city filling up with dead improv troupes, here we have more word on the shooter-RPG's first year of post-release content plans.

Yes, obviously this is Ubi gabbing about a load of paid DLC before the game's even out, but they are also talking about new things they plan to add in free updates.

So! The game comes out on Tuesday (ish, mostly), with new daily and weekly and challenges things coming all along, then Ubi plan two free updates for April and May.

April's update, 'Incursions', will bring a new end-game activity for pals. "Teams of up to four players will be able to test their skills as they face seemingly unstoppable enemies to gain high-level weapons and equipment," Ubi explain. May's update, Conflict, will bring mysterious "new features" to its PvP area, the Dark Zone. It'll also bring a new incursion set around Columbus Circle, which Ubi swear blind is "iconic" but I don't recognise it from either Grand Theft Auto games or movies.

Further out, we're looking at three expansions in June, later in summer, and at some time in winter: Underground, Survival, and Last Stand. They'll add sprawling subway tunnels, some mild survival-y stuff (I think?), and a wave survival mode. Yep, they'll all be in a season pass too.

I think The Division is meant to be a Destiny-style "you and your pals will play this for longer than you'd expect because you enjoy hanging out and chatting and shooting things" game, so if you're looking for that sort of experience, hey, The Division should have at least one year of that with relatively frequent updates.

Ah, jeez, look, here's a video with pictures to explain what took me all these sloppy words:

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