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The Division is free for keeps on Uplay this week

A free frigid jaunt through NYC

New York ravaged by a pandemic isn't quite the jaunty thought experiment it was when The Division launched in 2016. If you're not too wracked with existential dread at the prospect, then there's a free game in it for you. The Division is free for keeps on Uplay until September 8th if you log in with your Ubisoft account to claim it.

The Division drops you in a frigid New York City after it's been ravaged by a pandemic and essential services have come crashing down. A titular group of special agents are activated to save society with the power of, ah, guns? You can shoot your way back to civilization in an open world New York alongside a some co-op pals as well.

In RPS's The Division review, Brendan Caldwell worried that although it was a looker, The Division may wear out its welcome. "I feel like, as much as I’m enjoying it, the side missions and gun farming only has a limited appeal once the story missions are over," he says. "And my stomach churns to think of making my way to the level cap just for the sake of ultimate completion. At level 26, I’m enjoying The Division. At level 30, I’m worried it’ll get repetitive."

Meanwhile, Graham confesses that he revels in the straightforwardness and would spend a lifetime playing it if not for the guilt. "If I had more time and less guilt about sinking into such empty experiences, I can imagine spending many more hours just grinding through its world on a cycle of shoot shoot and loot loot."

You can work our your own opinions if you've got the time to spare. You can snag The Division for free on Uplay by logging in to redeem it for your account. The freebie deal lasts until Tuesday, September 8th.

By the by, Ubisoft are also offering deals on The Division DLCs and season pass until the same date.

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