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Tom Clancy's The Division's Trio Of Trailers

Brand New York

With The Division [official site] coming out next week, Ubisoft are releasing a flood of trailers. You can now watch the official launch trailer for a parade of press quotes, dramatic music, and voiceovers. Or you might prefer a trailer focused on technological PC prettybits. Or, if you want to drill down into it, another trailer gets technical with the game's Nvidia Gameworks effects (you might want to nod knowingly at terms like 'HBAO+' and 'PCSS'). You might find something right up your Fifth Avenue.

First of all, here's the launch trailer, which came out today - a week before the game's actual launch on March 8th:

If you haven't already, you should check out Adam's early impressions, and if you need even more, you greedy sod you, here's a vid demonstrating how it'll look running at 60 FPS on your PC telly box:

And this last one focuses on Nvidia GameWorks bits, effects added with Nvidia's help:

For the jist of that in writing, here's The Division's technical director Anders Holmquist speaking technically:

"One of the technologies that helped us achieve this level of quality is an Nvidia technique called HBAO+. It is faster, better and a significant improvement compared to previous techniques.

"In such a vertical environment, Nvidia's PCSS solution was a key technology to add contact-hardening, realistic soft shadows that progressively soften as the distance from the casting object increases, improving the image quality and increasing the realism of Manhattan."

HBAO+ works on AMD video cards too, but PCSS is disabled. [I think -ed.]

That's it. Those are your Division trailers for today. Though with a whole week still to go, who knows how many more we'll see before it comes out?

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Tom Clancy's The Division

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