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The Doom and Animal Crossing fandoms wish each other luck, are wholesome and lovely

Doomed... to be best friends!

We don't really get the chance to write about Animal Crossing here in the PC gaming wasteland, even though several members of the team are avowed fans of Nintendo's build a lovely village and make friends 'em up. Happily, the somewhat unlikely crossover between Animal Crossing's fans and those of gory demonslaying FPS Doom has given me a valid reason.

Doom Eternal's release was delayed to March 20th, y'see, which happens to be the same day as Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrives for the Switch. The internet thus reasonably decided that Doomguy (supersoldier; gun wielder) and Isabelle (secretary; dog) were best friends who shared common interests. Now, with just a month to go, fans of both are wishing each other good luck and good health for their shared launch day with extremely wholesome fan art. I am, as the kids say, here for it.

As mentioned, this has actually been warming up for a while. But for me the first time I see something is the first time it has ever happened for anyone - much like a toddler, or goldfish - so I am posting about it now because it is beautiful and may brighten your day, if, like me, you're one of today's lucky 10,000.

Initially, of course, it is very funny to see a small and very cute dog engaged in violent war with big guns. Get 'em, Isabelle.

Likewise it is also very funny to see a big giant armoured soldier doing delicate homely things still in his big giant armour.

They fibshin!

But key to the crossover's growing appeal is, I think, that it is most definitely not a ship. Unless you count a friendship, of course! Doomguy and Isabelle are understood to be platonic buddies who have a deep and enduring affection towards one another, but no hankypanky because that would be weird and a bit grim.

Very cute. Very wholesome. nothing untoward. In recent days, as the release date advances nearer, there has been an uptick on lovely crossposts between the r/AnimalCrossing and r/Doom subreddits, wishing each group luck and saying that both game deserve success. The Doom subreddit in particular is about 33% Animal Crossing content at this point. Seeing two internet mobs not, in fact, being mobs, but being supportive and chill is very heartening in 2020.

REDDITORS of animal crossing I bid you good day as I come from the doom community. Please know that we fully support your game as it launches at the same time as our game. Let us support each other and wish the best for both games. I wish you a hellishly good day from r/AnimalCrossing

Hello DOOM fans! I come from the Animal Crossing Community and I want to thank you for sharing our release date. We hope you have great times playing DOOM Eternal on and beyond launch. Our community wishes you a great game! from r/Doom

I think another part of why this works is that these games aren't really in competition with each other. While some people are, no doubt, torn on which to get, not many of yer traditional consumers are going to be scratching their head over the decision. You either want to explode demons or you want a slice of life where you make friends with animals and grow plants according to a calendar. It's not exactly Battlefield vs. CoD, is it?

Although what with how this has snowballed, I can see how a lot of AC fans might have a crack at blasting demons in the face, and Doom fans might consider borrowing a Switch or digging out a DS to explore the rich possibilities that come from being eternally tied to the internal clock on your device, lest you not plant something at the right time. That's the real hell, my friends.

Never a company to miss out on a good bit o' zeitgeisty marketing, Bethesda has taken note, so the official Doom account has started mixing in some #ac #content. A couple of days ago it did a good tweet in response to the announcement of today's Animal Crossing Ninty Direct.

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