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The Edgelands has a LOVELY-looking batcave

Real and imagined

I sent Alice the trailer for folkloric adventure, The Edgelands [official site], earlier with the note "AT 45 SECONDS THERE IS A GOOD BATCAVE." It's true. At 45 seconds there is a good batcave.

To be honest, that's about as much as I want from life right now. A nice batcave and maybe an Oreo milkshake to drink while I hang out there. There are things that are not a batcave in this trailer though so I did a bit of digging to learn more.

The Edgelands is an indie game which attracted the attention of Failbetter Games (Sunless Sea and Fallen London devs) as part of the Fundbetter initiative which helps with funding for small narrative projects. As such it's got narrative at its core but the idea is that you're exploring/puzzling within a "rustic twilight world where the trappings of modernity collide with folkloric otherworldly occurrences and characters".

Its developer, Andre Bosman, adds: "It has echoes of point and click adventures and references to Infocom era interactive Fiction, all set to an evocative electronic soundtrack."

The Edgelands comes out on 9 May which is pleasantly soon. Batcaves in the Pipdiary.

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