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The endgame of Outriders Worldslayer pits you against an alien labyrinth

The Trial of Tarya Gratar arrives as part of the paid expansion in June

Square Enix and People Can Fly have unveiled more details of the endgame for Worldslayer, the upcoming first paid expansion to their online co-op action RPG Outriders. Outriders’ creative director Bartek Kmita says there’s “hundreds of hours of meaningful progression” in Worldslayer’s endgame, which sounds like a lot, but the focus is mostly on the replayable big new Trial of Tarya Gratar dungeon. Check out the full broadcast below for some shooty footage.

Worldslayer is Outriders' first paid expansion, and dumps you at the gates of a mysterious labyrinth.

Worldslayer’s story is all about taking on its big bad, creepy lady Erishkigal. People Can Fly said when Worldslayer was announced in April that this expansion would delve further into the alien nature of Outriders setting on the planet Enoch, and Erishkigal certainly seems like she’s got some funky extraterrestrial stuff happening. The endgame starts after you take on Erishkigal and win, though, which opens up the Trial of Tarya Gratar.

The Trial is a new “dungeon experience” with changing weather and a day-night cycle, one that also has a bunch of the E.T. equivalent to terracotta warriors knocking about in it. People Can Fly say the dungeon is vast and “pretty damn scary”. That’s probably down to the new enemy types only found in Tarya Gratar, including packs of stealthy shadow-beasts and their beast-lord keepers.

The devs are keeping shtum other than that though, because the place is apparently linked closely to the story of Worldslayer and Enoch’s native Pax civilisation, so they don’t want to ruin it. To make up for it, People Can Fly are reworking a lot of existing gear sets so they’re still viable for the fresh surprises inside the dungeon.

There’s a new base area at the gates to Tarya Gratar with access to all 18 previous expeditions featured so far in Outriders. Here, you’ll be able to muck about with your gear, use vendors and get a swish haircut. You’ll be booted back here if you complete or abandon a Trial run, or just die a lot.

Rewards will reset every time you start a new run. There are various obstacles throughout the dungeon, from crossroads that might lead you to ‘troves’ of loot, and boss arenas you’ll need to clear to progress deeper. Think of it like you’re space-Theseus bothering alien minotaurs in the interplanetary labyrinth, I guess? Each trove is locked to a particular type of gear, so you’ll need to hunt around to farm for sets.

Outriders was released in April last year. Square Enix got excited about it for a while and said it was the start of an Outriders franchise, because player counts hit 3.5 million in the first month. Graham thought that might have something to do with it having arrived on Game Pass day one. Steve Hogarty liked it in his Outriders review at least, calling it a “dopamine-dispensing closed loop for your monkey brain”. Chuck us a peanut, Steve.

Outriders Worldslayer launches on June 30th on Steam and the Epic Games Store, as a paid upgrade to the base game or bundled with it. Have you played Outriders enough that you’re up for the endgame?

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