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The Epic Game Store's Black Friday sale has landed

Nab Watch Dogs: Legion and Star Wars: Squadrons with a pretty little discount

You get a sale! And you get a sale! Everybody gets a sale! Hot on the heels of Steam's autumn sale, Epic Games have launched their own Black Friday extravaganza. Now, they don't have quite so many games on offer as Steam's big blowout, but there are a few decent deals in there - including some alright discounts on new games like Watch Dogs: Legion and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Epic's sale runs from now until December 3rd, and boasts discounts of up 75% off. They're selling themselves short though, because they've got a few games with discounts of up to 90%, which isn't bad at all.

Head over to the Epic Store yourself to see the full Black Friday selection. Though, if you don't fancy trawling through it all yourself, here are a few highlights that caught my eye:

Special extra mention for GoNNER at the end there for a cheeky 69p. It's an RPS favourite, that, and Adam Smith (RPS in peace) had very nice things to say about it in his GoNNER review.

All in all, not a bad show from Epic. They've matched a lot of the offers you'll see over on Gamesplanet's Xmas Deals, though they haven't quite beaten Fanatical's sale, which has Star Wars: Squadrons a tad cheaper at 46% off.

Of course, loads of other Black Friday and autumn-themed sales are on right now, too. There are great discounts to be had over on GOG and Green Man Gaming - though it's Green Man I recommend most highly, because they've got the best Black Friday prices I've seen so far.

And if you're after some lovely indies, have a gander at the Humble Fall Sale or Itch.io. Itch say they're giving all sale revenue to developers until tomorrow evening, so it's well worth buying from there if you can.

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