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The Evil Within's Final DLC Brings First-Person Melee

Play as The Keeper

The Evil Within [official site]? More like The DLC Out. Look, I don't know kind of joke you expect from me at 8:47am. But the third DLC pack came out this week for the third-person survival horror, and it makes it... a first-person melee arena brawler?

The Executioner has you playing as The Keeper, that nasty chap with a safe for a hat, swinging hammers and smashing faces with a hammer in first-person melee. It's not what I'd expect or want from The Evil Within, but as a Zeno Clash fan it sounds like a nice overlapping of my interests.

Publishers Bethesda say it offers "exploration and discovery as players unearth the story of a man forced to become The Keeper" but really, y'know, big meat hammers. The Keeper will smash through hordes of enemies from the game, including several bosses, in his heavy, smashy way. You can also get a chainsaw and other weapons, I guess, and upgrade stats but my point is: hammers.

The Executioner is £3.99 on Steam, though I suspect it's something most will get as on the cheap as part of the DLC Season Pass. The meat of that was two story-focused, stealth-driven add-ons starring Julie Kidman, which Adam really quite liked.

To celebrate the launch, The Evil Within is on sale too, down to £17.49 for the base game or £27.99 including all three hunks of DLC. Anyway, have a DLC trailer:

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