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The fourth and final season of Castlevania arrives in May on netflix

There may yet be more Castlevania afterwards though

Netflix's animated Castlevania series is retuning for its fourth and final season next month to tie off the story of Alucard, Trevor Belmont, and Sypha. The first three seasons were good fun, increasing in drama and length each time. The season four date announcement comes with a short teaser trailer to remind you just a bit of what's been going on in the show. You can also likely spot some clues in the new season poster than Netflix have shared.

Here's the quick teaser for you, including some of the prominent voices you'll remember if you've been watching along:

Last year, Castlevania's third season split up some of its main protagonists and set them on their own personal adventures for ten episodes. Trevor, last of the Belmonts, and Sypha the sorceress went their own way while Dracula's son Alucard stayed behind and got disastrously lonely in his castle. Meanwhile the vampire sisters of Styria plotted an empire while a Forgemaster named Isaac hunted down revenge for Dracula's death. It all capped off with the dramatic implication that Alucard could wind up becoming the antagonist of the final season.

Compared with its prior episodes, season three decided to lean into the sexy side of vampires. If you'd not gone back around to watch the most recent ten episodes yet, there's your warning and/or sales pitch from me, I suppose.

Netflix have shared the poster for the final season as well, which seems to have some clues about Alucard's fate too. We won't have to wait long to find out now.

Deadline reports that Netflix may be pursuing yet another Castlevania series, saying "I hear Netflix is eyeing a new series set in the same Castlevania universe with an entirely new cast of characters." Not the most certain wording, for my money, but Netlix have shared that post with the words "more details," so perhaps it's a more sure thing than it sounds.

Either way, there will definitely be more vampires to consume next month. Castlevania's fourth season arrives on May 13th over on Netflix.

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