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The first Steam VR Fest brings a pile of demos directly to your eyeballs next week

Discounts, demos and upcoming games for your bonce

Valve are staging their first Steam VR Fest starting on July 18th. Gabe and friends don’t seem to have made much song and dance about the event yet, with details emerging today via the company’s Steamworks site. The festival promises discounts, demos and details of upcoming releases from the giddy world of virtual reality.

Liam and James put ten games through their paces on Valve's Steam Deck handheld.

It sounds very much like this is just the virtual reality equivalent of Valve’s regular Steam Next Fest events, then. Valve say the event is an official Steam themed sale and will feature on the storefront’s homepage. Valve filed a patent last year for a new VR headset, codenamed Deckard. Will we see a reveal next week to coincide with the new festival? They still don’t have a wireless headset to compete with Meta’s Quest series.

Katharine reviewed Valve’s Index headset back in 2020, which she called the “gold standard” of VR headsets. “It's not completely perfect, as I feel there's still more it could do to accommodate people with tiny noggins like myself,” she said, “but its accurate tracking, superb controllers and headphones and general ease of use make this the VR headset to buy if you've got the money to spare.”

Steam VR Fest runs from July 18th through to July 25th. Dust off those headsets, you’re about to climb demo mountain.

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