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The Flag That Runs Like A Man: Tribes Ascend's Blitz Mode

I have something to confess to you all: I've been living a withered up husk of an existence. I honestly haven't played Tribes in weeks, and every other aspect of my life has suffered immeasurably for it. I'm a mess. A devastatingly attractive mess. But no more. Hi-Rez has revealed Ascend's latest giant update, and I have turned the most vibrant of all colors: interested. See, in Blitz mode, the flag moves.

Yeah, that mode sounds positively excellent. I've been known to occasionally guard the flag in the most obnoxious possible way (find a safe, out-of-sight spot, aim at the flag stand, and wait), and it sounds like constant base-switching will make it far harder to hunker down. Which is good. It'll also mean multiple capture and defense strategies - craziness all around, really. And, if it's done well, I imagine the number of total shut-out games will drop fairly significantly. Win-win-win-win. At least, on paper.

As for the Technician tweaks, I can't say I've played the class all that much. Even so, the new primary weapon seems pretty standard, but I'll be interested to see what people can do with a longer-range turret. Meanwhile, patch notes also reveal a host of balancing buffs and nerfs - including a whole host of damage boosts for the recently added Twinfusors.

So, who's hopping on to try out Blitz soon? Both my trigger and jetpack fingers are feeling mighty itchy.

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