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The Forest's mutant cannibal island gets even weirder in its next update

It has no style, it has no grace, this mutant HAS NO FACE.

Weird new mutants, hang-gliders and twisted effigies of a comfortable suburban life lost - The Forest is getting a bit stranger in a big update next week. After four years in early access, the sandbox survival-horror game launched in full back in April, but Endnight Games never stopped work on it. Since launch, the game has seen a full VR mode added, a lot of tweaks and tuning and continued bug-hunting. The next update will be expanding its vaguely lovecraftian world a bit, with new things to build and fight and I think the player character may be cracking up a bit in the trailer below.

Apparently living on an island populated by screaming cave-dwelling cannibals and hideous mutant limb-beasts takes its toll. Or maybe it's just because our protagonist has been poking around at the eerie glowing artifacts too much. Either way, the patch trailer opens with the unsettling sight of a player having constructed a new, idyllic life for themselves out of wood and straw. A scarecrow wife, a loyal wooden dog and a car made out of logs. We also get to see some rickety-looking hang gliders, being demonstrated in the game's online co-op mode.

What I'm most interested in are the new threats. Horrible, gangly mutant tripods with little resemblance to anything humanoid anymore. Their signature attack is just as alien, spinning wildly, two limbs outstretched as they lower themselves to the ground - a whirling, pummelling vortex of meat. And whatever the hell that is at the end of the trailer, I almost don't want to know. So far, everything in the game has at least adhered to the laws of physics, give or take. That thing is something else, and I don't think I'm going to be taking it on without that new crossbow at least.

The Forest is getting these strange new delights in an update next Monday, December 10th.

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