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The Foxer

Roman and Joyce always have a jigsaw puzzle on the go. Their current undertaking is a montage of plastic kit box art sliced into 10k pieces by one of Rooksburger’s slightly blunt punching machines. Below are 36 pieces from that puzzle. Identify the subjects and manufacturers to complete the defox.


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Last week's wordchain:

1. PALADIN (Stugle, Dr. Breen)
2. DINAMO (Gusdownnup)
3. MOLLUSC (hitcherland, Gothnak)
4. SCYTHE (Dr. Breen, Stugle)
5. HEADSHOTS (phlebas)
6. HOTSPUR (phlebas)
7. PURLOIN (phlebas)
9. IDLIB (Gothnak)
10. LIBERIA (larpsidekick)
11. IAPETUS (hitcherland)
12. USKOK (Dr. Breen)
13. OKINAWA (fitzevan)
15. ARBORIST (Gothnak, Dr. Breen)
16. STRYCHNINE (phlebas)
17. NERO (phlebas, Firenz)
18. ROTGUT (Dr. Breen)
19. UTES (Gusdownnup, AFKAMC)
21. ENTERBRAIN (Gusdownnup)
22. INISHEER (Stugle, fitzevan, phlebas)
23. ERDOGAN (Dr. Breen, Gothnak)
24. GANGBUSTERS (Gusdownnup)

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