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The Foxer

Roman's having a day-off today courtesy of kind col.kurtz. To defox col.kurtz's 'double bubble' hive foxer* identify its theme and the 26 answers that populate it.

* Hive foxers are a form of wordsearch in which every cell is used, and words can curl and zigzag but never overlap. Each has a theme (some previous ones: sheep, mazes, earthquakes, and The 39 Steps). Identifying the theme is a vital part of the defoxing process.

* * *


Last week's cluster foxer:

Last week's cluster foxer

Beards (ylla)
a1. Chap resposnsible for singeing the king of spain's beard (Syt)
a2. Shenandoah beard (phlebas, GrouchoMerckx)
a3. Bearded vulture (ylla)
a4. Ned Kelly beard
b4. Van Dyke beard (mrpier)

1971 film Duel (Electric Dragon)
b1. Peterbilt 281 (phuzz)
b2. Richard Matheson (phuzz)
b3. Plymouth Valiant (AFKAMC)
c1. Snakerama location (phlebas)
c2. David Mann (a_monk)

September 1935
d1. Lynton and Barnstaple Railway closes (phuzz)
d2. Howard Hughes sets new world speed record in H-1 (Matchstick)
c3. Ken Kesey born (zabzonk)
d3. Nuremberg laws enacted (Stugle)
d4. Malcolm Campbell sets new land speed record in Blue Bird (mrpier)

Foyle's War (phlebas)
e1. Hastings (AFKAMC, phuzz)
e2. Honeysuckle Weeks (phuzz, mrpier)
e3. Final episode, 'Elise' (mrpier)
e4. Michael Kitchen (Matchstick)
e5. Foyle's bookshop (phlebas)

Twitter (Electric Dragon)
a5. Most retweeted tweet ever (Electric Dragon)
b5. 280 (Matchstick)
c4. Dorsey (Artiforg, phlebas)
c5. 140 (Matchstick)
d5. Graham Linehan (Artiforg)

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