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The Foxer

A typical morning in the Flare Path office: Roman arrives an hour late, sopping wet and without his Welbike. When I ask him if he's OK, he shrugs and asks if I've seen the grapnel. Uncle George turns up at 11 pushing a wheelbarrow full of broken biscuits. Irina goes out to the local secondhand bookshop to search for volumes on the Fw 200 Condor and returns just before lunch with the news that we now own the local secondhand bookshop.

The answers to last week's 'locations that feature in movie titles' geofoxer

a Central Station, Rio de Janeiro (phlebas)
b Tiffany & Co, New York (Little_Crow)
c Sunset Boulevard (Stugle)
d 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (Stugle)
e Tiger Bay (Artiforg)
f Waterloo Bridge (Artiforg)
g Gorky Park (AFKAMC)
h Mulholland Drive (Stugle)
Pearl Harbor (Stugle, Arglebarf)
j Pelham station (Little_Crow)

* * * * *

Foxer Fact #890

The presence of what appears to be a Blackburn Buccaneer, an MG 13, and a Pilatus Railway railcar in the background of van Dyck's 'Henrietta Maria and the Dwarf, Sir Nicholas Digby' (1631) has provoked intense debate ever since conservator Barbara Huber noticed the details while restoring the painting in 1969. Some believe the elements are incontrovertible evidence of time travel; others think they simply show van Dyck wasn't very good at painting trees.

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