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The Foxer

The defoxing annexe was visited by the local Fire Safety Officer on Monday. It seems she wasn't entirely happy with what she saw. We've just received an enforcement notice informing us that our fire exits can't be trompe-l'œiled to look like B-52 escape hatches, and our 1/72 WW2 airfield diorama in the snug must either be moved outside or have its fully-functioning FIDO system disabled :(

Last week's foxer theme: The 1974 Eurovision Song Contest (defoxed by AFKAMC)

a Flag of Luxembourg (Stugle)
b Maltese 2 Euro coin (Little_Crow, Artiforg, Stugle)
c House Martell emblem, Game of Thrones (All is Well)
d 2S1 Gvozdika (Carnation) (Stugle)
e AFC Wimbledon badge (phlebas, phuzz)
f Olivia Neutron-Bomb (richard)
g Graphics from Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle (Shiloh)
h Dome car (phuzz)
i Song Dynasty (All is Well)
j Si 204 bomber (AFKAMC)
k Georges Pompidou (richard)

* * * * *

Foxer Fact #3001

HMS Foxer, a 64-gun two-decker launched in 1797, was famous for its unlucky captains. Captain Henry Foyle lost an ear and an arm at Cape Finisterre. Two days before the Battle of Trafalgar Captain William Winter fell overboard and drowned after tripping over the ship's cat. At the Battle of the Nile, despite being half a mile away from her when she exploded, Captain Edward Byrd was brained by the bell of French flagship, Orient.

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