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The Foxer

Sorry about all the boxes. I accidentally over-ordered Foxer merchandise. I thought I was buying 600 bumper stickers; it turns out I was actually ordering 600 boxes of bumper stickers. If you know anyone who might be interested in purchasing industrial quantities of 'Runs on Fairey dust', 'Think Kettenkrad' and 'Honk if you can tell the difference between a Handley Page Hampden and a Handley Page Hereford' decals at a bargain price, please get in touch.

The solution to last week's word-ladder foxer

20. PARIS German gun with 80-mile range (Stugle)
19. SARIN 28 times deadlier than mustard gas (Little_Crow)
18. BARON Aircraft included in FSX and X-Plane 10 (Little_Crow)
17. APRON Garment worn by French Army axemen (Little_Crow)
16. APRIL A bad month for the RFC (Stugle)
15. SPOIL Samphire Hoe is made of this (AFKAMC)
14. SNAIL A Herbert Smith design (AFKAMC)
13. QUAIL The natural habitat of this bird is the bomb bay of a B-52 (AFKAMC)
12. QUANT Punt propeller (AFKAMC)
11. GUANO Sparked a war in the 1860s (Rorschach617)
10. GIANT Fifties movie that received ten Oscar nominations (Stugle, Little_Crow)
09. PIANO Word that can go before or after ‘player’ (AFKAMC)
08. PIAVE Crossed at great cost by the Austrians in 1918 (Stugle)
07. SLAVE Obsequious SF flight computer (Little_Crow)
06. BLADE Foxhole radio component (AFKAMC)
05. MEADE AI personality in SMG (Stugle, Little_Crow)
04. MOLDE Scandinavian city (Stugle)
03. MOUSE Followed by the Streak and the Kite (Little_Crow)
02. HORSE Tandem rotor helo (AFKAMC)

* * *

Foxer Instructions

The 'collage foxer' – for many, the classic form – hints at a hidden theme* with a disparate collection of picture clues. The ‘defoxing’ process is communal, individual commenters proffering clue identifications until some bright spark, spotting a link between clues, announces the secret theme.

It’s rare for a clue to have a direct or obvious connection with a theme. If you spot an Avro Lancaster in a puzzle, then you’re probably not looking for ‘Operation Chastise‘. A ‘Wars of the Roses‘, ‘Wyatt Earp‘, or ‘musical roads‘ solution is far more likely. Erroneous guesses are par for the course and inexperience is no reason to hang back. Think you recognise that partially obscured mugshot, company logo, or game sprite? Believe that turret belongs to a Saluki armoured car, that wingtip to a Percival Pursuivant ASW aircraft? Sing out.

*Recent themes have included Sid Meier, The Siege of Sidney Street, darts and pigeons.

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