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The Foxer

Warm-Up Foxer (Where am I?)

I'm standing in the middle of a rather unusual crossroads. I'm in a country with four official languages. I'm five miles from a famous prison and roughly the same distance from a famous hotel. Beneath my feet is a busy expressway. This place was once a swamp. There are five South American countries at this latitude. I can see a Hawker aircraft and some red and white gates. Vehicles here drive on the left side of the road.

Main Feature Foxer

The 127-cell honeycomb below is a fancy form of wordsearch in which every cell is used, and words can curl and zigzag but never overlap. Each hive foxer has a unique theme - the last one was 'violins' - but Roman respects the defoxing community far too much to disclose it prior to defoxing. What he is prepared to tell you is how many words you’re looking for. The perfectly interlocking solution to today’s puzzle is made up of 20 words.

*       *       *


Last Week's Warm-Up Foxer

Answer: I was Saint Isidore the Farm Labourer (defoxed by skink74)

Last Week's Feature Foxer

20. F R E Y A - She assisted the Luftwaffe during WW2 (Matchstick)
19. B R E D A - European small arms manufacturer (Rorschach617)
18. P R A D A - Asturias fell despite his best efforts (Little_Crow)
17. P R O D I - 20th Century Italian PM (Matchstick)
16. P R O V O - Member of the Irish Republican Army (Stugle)
15. S L O V O - Important figure in the anti-apartheid movement (Matchstick)
14. S L O O P - (A) Bigger than a corvette, smaller than a frigate (phlebas)
13. P O L O S - Archaic crown (Rorschach617)
12. T A L O S - First-generation naval SAM (Matchstick)
11. B A L O O - Jungle Book character (Stugle)
10. V A L O R - De-anglicized courage (Stugle)
09. V E L O X - RN destroyer that served in both world wars (Little_Crow)
08. B E L O W - Führerbunker survivor (skink74)
07. B E L L A - Entombed in a tree circa 1941 (Little_Crow)
06. T U L L A - 19th Century river remodeller (unsolved)
05. T I L L Y - British Army pickup (Matchstick)
04. H O L L Y - IKB’s favourite shade of green? (Little_Crow)
03. H O L U B - Wrote late but great Hundred Years’ War war poem (Little_Crow)
02. R O L U X - Maker of cute French microcars (Matchstick)
01. R E L A X

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