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The Fridge Is Red is a new horror anthology that feels like a bunch of r/nosleep stories

Demo available now. Would you store your ketchup in this fridge?

When I was a student I used to spend way too much time scrolling through the endlessly refreshing collection of horror flashfiction on r/nosleep. Consequently I'm a fan of horror anthologies in the vein of No Code's Stories Untold. Upcoming freak 'em up The Fridge Is Red (developed by 5Word Team) looks like r/nosleep having a story jam about the fridge you have to stare at off of Control, so I'm into it. Look out for it in 2022, but the trailer says there's a free demo on Steam now.

This was formerly known as 'Do Not Take Your Eyes Away From the Red Fridge', and I gotta say I approve of the change. At tonight's Guerrilla Games Collective stream we got confirmation that this is now being published by tinyBuild, and we got a weirdo trailer showing snippets of some very unsettling stuff. It's all the usual things you'd hate to open your eyes and see in a dream: a rabbit doll, a vending machine full of limbs, a load of figures arranged on the ceiling like an Antony Gormley installation, floating wheelchairs in a grubby hospital, some guy running at you out of a dark corridor, and creepy kids' drawings of families and stuff on fire. You know, standard stuff.

The Fridge Is Red is described as a psychological horror anthology "reminiscent of old school PlayStation games," which sounds about right. It seems like every time you open the fridge (which is red) you experience a new horrible first-person, 3D nightmare. The presser in my hands says that "The Fridge is Red threatens even the most seasoned horror-aficionados bravery", which is quite a gauntlet to throw down. Personally, I'm into it. The Fridge Is Red has a good vibe. Who would get a red fridge, though? Aren't they usually mega expensive?

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