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The 1440p 144Hz Gigabyte G27Q gaming monitor is $70 off today

$260 is a great price for a well-reviewed G-Sync Compatible / FreeSync Premium gaming monitor

The Gigabyte G27Q is a great gaming monitor with a 27-in span, 1440p resolution and 144Hz refresh rate. There's a lot of monitors that fit that same basic description, including at least a couple of our best gaming monitor picks, but the G27Q sets itself apart by being available at a much lower price. It's $260 today when you buy it from Newegg and use the code 76TPGLP295, $70 (22%) less than its usual asking price.

The G27Q ticks a lot of the boxes for anyone with a mid-range of better PC, as it offers an upgraded resolution (1440p) and refresh rate (144Hz) over your bog-standard 1080p 60Hz PC gaming monitor. It also boasts FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility, which eliminates screen tearing and judder without the traditional input lag penalty of normal v-sync on both Nvidia and AMD systems. HDR is also supported, although with a peak brightness of around 500 nits it doesn't get quite bright enough to make HDR highlights really pop. Still, the option is there which is great.

We've not tested the G27Q ourself just yet, but based on our experience of similar monitors and critic reviews online, the G27Q offers an extremely similar performance to well-reviewed models like the LG 27GL850 and Dell S2721DGF and uses a similar IPS panel. It gets a bit brighter than the I27GL850, but the LG monitor has marginally better motion handling performance, especially at 60Hz. Critics specifically call out the G27Q's performance in bright rooms, something that can often be challenging for IPS monitors as they often don't hit the peak brightness figures of competing panel technologies like VA.

Given that the G27Q performs comparatively to the 27GL850, the fact that the G27Q is on sale for $260 makes it a much better value - given that the 27GL850 is currently selling for $434 on Amazon and $499 on Newegg!

So: the Gigabyte G27Q is a highly capable 1440p 144Hz monitor, discounted from $330 to $260 - and at a time when its closest rivals cost anywhere from $320 to $500. It's one of the best monitor deals we've seen for a while, and definitely worth investigating if you're in the market for a monitor upgrade!

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