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The Game Awards 2020 is scheduled for December 10th

Winter is coming, and all

Just as we say "what, already?" every year when the department store shelves turn over for autumn, it's time to clear out any thoughts of Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest and start thinking ahead to Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards. Feels like it happens earlier every year, doesn't it? Yes, this is the first year of Summer Game Fest, do not beat me with my own metaphor. This year's Oscars-but-games live show has now announced its date for December.

The Game Awards have announced that they'll be airing on Thursday, December 10th for 2020. They say that 2020's show will be presented live from around the world in Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo this year.

As with past years, you can pretty much bet that The Game Awards will be a mixture of actual awards and publisher marketing. I'd be more critical about the number of trailers that get crammed into what's allegedly an awards show, but 2018's event gave us the first Dragon Age 4 teaser so it seems my good graces can easily be won with RPGs.

As for the awards, there's the "game of the year" award, naturally. In past years, other awards have been handed out to winners in categories such as "best action game" and "best family game" along with esports awards given to teams and individuals. Winners are chosen based on a blended vote between press outlets and the public.

A time for the event hasn't been announced yet, but we'll certainly hear about that in the coming months along with the nominees for the year.

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