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The Hunt Is Partially On: Evolve Alpha Signups

Open to North Americans only

Hunters, emerge from your hides and rejoice. A small window of opportunity remains open and if you manage to sidle your camouflaged bulk through to the other side, you'll be a fully-fledged Evolve alpha tester. A few caveats though - you'll need to sign up on a PC that can run the game, have a working Steam account and you must be situated in mainland North America. Presumably that's to do with server locations and timing issues rather than national favouritism. If you fit the criteria, enjoy your so-called Independence (Canadians, ignore that, you're alright with me) and sign up here, using the password 'happyhunting' and referral 'JoinTheHunt'.

As well as the above, you'll need to take heed of the info below:

All prospective participants must be willing to adhere to a strict Game Demo Participant Agreement in this survey and not discuss or disclose anything about the test.

Each participant that is selected will be contacted with further information. We’re hoping to have the participant list confirmed by July 5th, so we appreciate you acting as quickly as possible.

Finally, please sign-up on the PC you plan on using for the test and provide details of your hardware setup in the survey.

The alpha looks like a proper test so expect lots of intrusive questions about your shooting ability and the girth of your RAM. If you pass muster, do try to enjoy but don't breathe a word about it. You can see our Nathan breathing words about it in video form here.

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