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The Long Dark gets fixes aplenty in string of patches

Eat it, human civilisation

Before Pip sashayed down the RPS treehouse ladder (it can be done, trust me - she's magnificent) and into the weekend, she left a series of Post-it® notes highlighting a string of patches released for The Long Dark [official site] since the singleplayer survive 'em up left early access and launched this week. Having licked the spilt jam off the notes and removed the Derek Acorah-brand tarot cards from the stack, I can share with you the highlights of this week's patches. Now that The Long Dark finally has a story mode, it's a good time to start surviving (or just watch).

The first patch hit on Thursday. Its changes included improved checkpointing, added a save point to the Cave in Chapter One, and removed a strange requirement to drink tea. Pip notes, "Rosehip tea change interesting because it stumped me as an activity for a while and I've played a whole lot of the sandbox in early access."

Hinterland Studio followed up with a second patch later that same day. "Save/restore change should help with uncompletable quests," Pip says, "spawning on top of a campfire is amusingly silly, lots of little fixes and story stuff I haven't reached yet."

The third patch arrived this morning - or I suppose it was the middle of the night for the Canada studio. Pip summarises, "Checkpointing and optimisation for performance/memory." Splendid. Good changes. Good work, everyone.

Pip, stuck the the minifridge door you'll find a VERY interesting article on someone who shared their plane seat with a g-g-g-ghost! Hope you enjoy. See you on Monday!

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The Long Dark

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