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The Master Of Magic remake dons its wizard robes in December

Original game is free on GOG until Sunday

December’s a month known for its white-haired, bearded men in weird outfits and hats, so it seems a fitting time of year for Slitherine Games to launch their remake of 4X strategy classic Master Of Magic. Slitherine are referring to their take on Master Of Magic as a re-imagining rather than a remake or reboot, saying they’ve tried to be “faithful to the original in spirit and mood”. You’ll be able to Gandalf it up from December 13th.

Master Of Magic is a remake of the 1994 strategy game from Simtex.

Although there’s no new footage to share of Master Of Magic right now, Slitherine are promising to release videos showing specific game features in the time up to release. They’ll also be putting out dev diaries with more information about what to expect when Master Of Magic launches. The game’s already in public beta, if you fancy a head start, which you can sign up for here.

Slitherine’s revamp of Master Of Magic was first revealed in 2020, after the company bought the rights the previous year. It’s been a while since we last heard anything about the game, but the footage Slitherine shared back in May showed that the devs had the classic Master Of Magic core features in place. Just with a substantial graphical makeover compared to the 1994 original, natch. They did mention they’d done away with random English town names in the game’s magical kingdoms of Arcanus and Myrror though. Sorry, Brummies.

Master Of Magic springs out of its hat on December 13th on Steam and GOG. You can pick up the original for free from GOG until October 2nd.

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