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The new Battlefield will be revealed June 9th

A tease for a reveal of a game? It must be E3 soon

The official Battlefield Twitter account not-so-subtly hinted that the new Battlefield would be revealed in June. The same Twitter account has now confirmed that June 9th is the date to tune in for.

Here's the tweet:

Does this also reveal that the new game is simply called "Battlefield", rather than Battlefield 6 or Battlefield Two or whatever? I do not know.

Since we last wrote about it, a couple of supposedly leaked images seemed to confirm that the new Battlefield will be set in the modern age. The last two Battlefield games, Battlefield One and Battlefield 5, were set in World War 1 and 2 respectively. The images, seen above and below, seem to match with what leaker Tom Henderson had claimed about the next Battlefield being set in a "modern/very near future" setting.

An allegedly leaked image of the new Battlefield in 2021.

Presumably the next Battlefield needs to also go toe-to-toe with Call Of Duty: Warzone. Battlefield previously took its own swing at the battle royale genre with Battlefield 5: Firestorm, but it seemed to die off quickly after release. I prefer Battlefield to CoD, and I enjoy a good, pointless rivalry between maximalist videogame franchises, so I look forward to seeing what EA Dice have cooked up.

June 9th puts the Battlefield reveal right at the beginning of the summer silly season, which includes the Summer Games Fest and E3. Expect reveals and reveals of reveals and teasers for press releases about reveals of reveals. I hope there's some games in among them.

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