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The next Batman game, Gotham Knights, kills Bruce next year

Bat's dead, mate.

Batman is dead. Fortunately, the billionaire vigilante's inheritance has been handed over to four of his caped weirdo pals. Announced during DC's FanDome stream today, Gotham Knights is a third-person brawler pitting Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood against bird-loving billionaires The Court Of Owls sometime next year.

Gotham Knights was unmasked with a moody announcement trailer earlier today. Look, I'm no insider, but I'll willing to bet money the big bad bat hasn't bitten the dust quite yet.

Warner Bros. followed up the announcement with the extended gameplay reveal, above. As expected from the folks behind Arkham Origins (which I gather was fine, if not the most memorable of those games), Gotham Knights is very much wearing Arkham’s cape. Our two players, Batgirl and Robin, skulk into Mr. Freeze’s house of ice, engaging in counter-heavy combat against goons and occasionally tagging each other into beatdowns.

It does seem there'll be a degree of ongoing service to this game, mind. We see some all-too-familiar damage numbers and level indicators during the gameplay reveal - and in a post-trailer chat, one of the developers hints at a Gotham that keeps serving up challenges.

Gotham Knights is coming to PC and next-gen consoles in 2021.

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Gotham Knights

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