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The Old Republic update sends you Mandalorian hunting on the beigest planet in existence

The perfect cover

Ah, Mandalorians. Can't live with them, can't live without them. The 7.2: Showdown On Ruhnuk update to saber-swinging MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic has you hunting down a rogue member of that pesky warrior clan, landing/crashing you on a new planet with fresh daily missions and a story questline. There's a big PvP revamp, too, along with substantial changes to how gear works.

Planet Ruhnuk is the beigest entity I've ever seen, but you're not there for your holidays, are you.

The new questline sees you "help Shae Vizla in her hunt for Heta Kol, a rogue Mandalorian who has gathered an army of rebels under the banner of the Hidden Chain". She's hiding out on Ruhnuk, an old uninhabitable mining planet in the center of an electrical nebula wot makes ships crash. I'll let its beauty speak for itself.

Beige, barren rocks on a lifeless planet

Elsewhere, Ranked and Unranked PvP have been merged into the same queue, which now lets you queue either solo or as a group for 4v4 or 8v8 matches. There's a new PvP map, too, along with a new reward track that lets you ean Armor Sets, trophies and titles. Non-subscribers can also now play as much PvP as they want, though they will earn points at a slower rate. More details specifically on the PvP can be found here.

The gear changes are many and hard to unpick for someone who doesn't play, but the gist is that the base power rating of lower level endgame items has been increased so that there isn't too big a gulf between newer players and veterans. There is even higher level gear now too, though. Full details are here.

Do check out the full patch notes for all the changes I haven't mentioned.

You can download The Old Republic for free from Steam.

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