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The Other Indie Philanthropy Bundle

Rob 'Oddbob/RetroRemakes' Fearon's games have been on RPS a fair few times, and he's known for consistently spreading cheer and ingenuity amongst the UK indie community. Genuinely, he's one of those chaps that videogames are just a little bit more delightful for.

Which is why it's just awful to hear that he's been hospitalised from pneumonia. The costs inherent in his family travelling back and forth to visit and care for him are apparently monstrous - so they're super-grateful to anyone who fancies throwing a little or a lot their way for his Bundle Of Wrong collection. Which you should totally do anyway, on its own singular colour-carnage merits.

It's a pay-what-you-want grab-bag in the vein of the Humble Bundle, but consisting solely of his mad experiments in colour, sound and hyper-killing. Squid Yes! Not So Octopus! 1& 2 and War Twat are the headliners, with various sequels, crazed derivations and prototypes thrown in.

Give whatever you want to give for them, or just donate for the sake of donation. Rob's wife is currently wrestling with the site and purchasing tech during his convalescence, so do be patient in the event of your order having a little hiccup.

I had pneumonia about three years ago. It's bloody horrible, it cost me a good two months of fitness and steady income, and left me shaken and weak for ages afterwards. So helping make sure Rob's not greeted by more dark times once he's recovered strikes me as a very good thing.

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