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The Other Sequels We Need Notch To Fund

With Tim Schafer and Markus Persson now in talks over the possibility of a Psychonauts 2, it gets us to wondering what other games we'd like to see Notch's millions spent making happen. Notch reports that he and Tim will likely meet at next month's GDC, but also stresses that people shouldn't yet get their hopes up. Too late! But were it not to happen, to which game should those spare riches be directed? We've made Notch's mind up for him.

Greedy, greedy Alec wants another Dungeon Keeper, even though there have already been two. Then suggests Outcast - the loved voxellated adventure peculiarity that seemed to be created in an alternate reality. Oh, and apparently some more Limbo Of The Lost, but I'd suggest that any funding at all would rather spoil the original's ethos of just nicking everything from elsewhere.

Craig would like to see the Mojang millions create a sequel to Trespasser, but presumably only because he's aware that even Minecraft's haul couldn't realistically fund actually recreating dinosaurs for him to fight. Or how about teaming up with Braben to make Elite III actually happen?

Adam doesn't quite to have noticed that quite a few games already had sequels, nominating System Shock, Dungeon Master and Midwinter. He's going to be so excited when he finds out! He also suggests a Grim Fandango 2, which would be a sensible continuation of the current potential partnership, but only after they've made Maniac Mansion 3, of course. And wants another Robinson's Requiem.

Jim is after a new Chaos Engine, echoes Adam's desire for more Midwinter, and also ignores my bloody rule for it being games that didn't get sequels by suggesting more Homeworld. But then comes up with Hired Guns.

Me, I'd like Notch to aim his money gun at more Planescape: Torment. Just pay for Chris Avellone to spend a year sat writing. And OBVIOUSLY Burnout: Paradise 2, because the universe needs it. And of course, Force Commander.

What do you suggest? We'll make sure Notch funds all suggestions.

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