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The Outer Worlds consumables guide - how to use items

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With all the corporations in The Outer Worlds vying for your attention, it can be difficult to know how to effectively use them and which ones you should be seeking out. Some may have the same effects, but last far longer, while the bulk of products out there are just the same type of item repackaged.

The Outer Worlds consumables guide

Our The Outer Worlds consumables guide will go over how to use consumables, both on their own and their inhaler variants, as well as the full list of items.

The Outer Worlds consumables guide contents

The Outer Worlds consumables

How do consumables work in The Outer Worlds?

Consumable items in The Outer Worlds come in a lot of varieties and many of the items have duplicate versions where the only difference is which corporation made it and in some cases, how long they last. They're found all across Halcyon, either in lootable chests, on dead enemies, or bought from the various vendors and vending machines.

To use them, you could just go to the items menu and use the items as normal. You do also have slots for your inhaler, used by pressing F on your keyboard. The number of charges on your inhaler is on the top left of the screen and is represented by the number of items you have in your inventory. Up to four skill slots available to you if you get the relevant medical skills - details of which are in our The Outer Worlds Skills guide - and you can put anything in there. Got many Fast Ration Pills? You can slap them into a slot to maximise your health regen by a significant amount. You can also combine it with other items such as ones that increase your maximum health, give you Armor Rating, and a lot more.

There are a few items that have addictive substances that cause some temporary effects that are positive and temporary withdrawal effects that kick in afterwards that are negative. Using too many food or drug-based items can also give you flaws, which you can find out just how badly it affects you if you take the flaw in our The Outer Worlds perks & flaws guide.

The Outer Worlds vending machine

The Outer Worlds healing items

The table lists all of the item effects, then all of the items that give you that effect. We've sorted this table by the effects rather than the names of the items since many items do the same thing as each other.

In order to navigate this, I recommend using the search functionality with the items you are looking for or the effect you are looking for. Do note that the weights for each item are the default weights and do not take into account adjustments made by the Hoarder Perk. We're still collating all the data for this one, but here are the vast majority of consumables in The Outer Worlds.

AdrenoHeals 25% health over 2 seconds2 secs0.10
Clive's Special Boarst - A Clive's Special Boarst - B Clive's Special Boarst - CDeals damage over time Reduces personality attributes2 secs0.00
Spacer's Chaw Nico-Pad Spacer's CoronaNicotine High:-50% Ranged Weapon Sway and -50% Ranged Weapon Spread Nicotine Low:+15% Ranged Weapon Sway and +15% Ranged Weapon Spread30 secs0.05
Pipe Patch Stogie Slims Cosmic SmokeNicotine High:-50% Ranged Weapon Sway and -50% Ranged Weapon Spread Nicotine Low:+15% Ranged Weapon Sway and +15% Ranged Weapon Spread1 min0.05
Steady Hand High Society CigarettesNicotine High:-50% Ranged Weapon Sway and -50% Ranged Weapon Spread Nicotine Low:+15% Ranged Weapon Sway and +15% Ranged Weapon Spread1 min 30 secs0.05
Algae Lager Zero Gee BrewAlcohol: +1 Personality attributes Hangover: -1 Charm, -1 Dexterity, and -1 Perception30 secs0.20
Purpleberry Liqueur Purpleberry Wine Spectrum VodkaAlcohol: +1 Personality attributes Hangover: -1 Charm, -1 Dexterity, and -1 Perception1 min0.20
Rum and Somethin' Tripsitout Iceberg Aged WhiskeyAlcohol: +1 Personality attributes Hangover: -1 Charm, -1 Dexterity, and -1 Perception1 min 30 secs0.20
Adrena-TimeAdrena-Time High: +20% Movement Speed and Melee Weapon attack speed. Adrena-Time Crash: -1 all attributes and -10% walking speed.15 secs0.10
Pre-Sliced Bred Fast Ration Pill Mock Apple Buncha Nanners Tarmac & Cheese Bred Noodles Tripicale Pasta Pack Wooly Curds Tileritos+200% Natural Health regen2 mins0.30
Purpleberry Bunch Purpleberry Munch Purpleberry Lunch Purpleberry Crunch Knock You Out Bar NearMaple Syrup+200% Natural Health regen20 secs0.30
Thinking Cap-let+50% Tactical Time Dilation Recharge rate15 secs0.10
Lubrinesine Spray+50% Tactical Time Dilation Recharge rate20 secs0.10
Tartarus Sauce Frozen Dinner Fish Stix Gourmet Saltuna Fillets Catch-Up Boarst 'n Baked Beans Cysty Chops I Can't Believe It's Not Boarst Boarst Wurst Canned Saltuna in Brine Cacow Ribs Cystypig Tumors Boarst Pockets+25% Base Health2 mins0.30
Raptidon Meat+25% Base Health2 mins1.00
Dervish Mist+20% Movement Speed +20% Melee Weapon Attack Speed15 secs0.10
Stimu-Lotion+20% Movement Speed +20% Melee Weapon Attack Speed20 secs0.10
Energzing Ointment+20% Movement Speed +20% Melee Weapon Attack Speed25 secs0.10
Ambidextrine+15% Critical Damage +25% Bonus to Extra Headshot/Weakspot Damage15 secs0.10
Focusitol Capsule+15% Critical Damage +25% Bonus to Extra Headshot/Weakspot Damage20 secs0.10
Oxy-Comp Aromatic+15% Critical Damage +25% Bonus to Extra Headshot/Weakspot Damage25 secs0.10
Skin-Tuf Salve+10 Armor Rating15 secs0.10
Metallisys Gel+10 Armor Rating20 secs0.20
Hardineram Elixir+10 Armor Rating25 secs0.10
2-Hour Energy Brew Trip-Teaz Purpleberry Fizzy Tea+1 Mind attributes30 secs0.20
Mo-Ap Fizzy Tea Gigantsaur Energy Drink Nanna Spank+1 Mind attributes1 min0.20
Glacier Water Fresh Wooly Milk Fresh Half-Wooly Milk+1 Mind attributes1 min 30 secs0.20
Mock Apple Juice Plain 'n Pure Water >Dehydrated Water Tablets+1 Body attributes30 secs0.20
Purpleberry Juice Lemon Slapp Purpleberry Punch+1 Body attributes1 min0.20
Cacow Milk+1 Body attributes1 min 30 secs0.20
Ollie Ollie Toxifree-50% Duration of Harmful Status Effects15 secs0.10
Auntie-Biotics Creme-50% Duration of Harmful Status Effects20 secs0.10
Immunosol-50% Duration of Harmful Status Effects25 secs0.10
Pep Pills-50% Companion Ability Cooldown15 secs0.10
Verity's Breath Inhalant-50% Companion Ability Cooldown20 secs0.10
Facial Masque Skin Crème-50% Companion Ability Cooldown25 secs0.10

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