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The Outer Worlds launch trailer shows Obsidian's silly sci-fi world

The RPG isn't out until next week, mind

Obsidian Entertainment are blasting off to The Outer Worlds, and prematurely zlorped their launch trailer out. The new first-person RPG from the gang behind Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars Of Eternity explores a silly sci-fi world of aliens and moonmen, striking a tone I would crudely say looks to me like 'New Vegas in space with Borderlands wackiness'. You will tut at me, and probably be correct to, then go "Ah no, I get it" after watching the trailer below.

"I can't, hand on heart, say the broad strokes of The Outer Wilds are original," our Alice Bee reported back after she played a preview version. "It's quite an old-school style of RPG – but it's one made with modern polish and, crucially, no one else is doing it or has done it for a while now. So yes. Good. Keep doing that."

The Outer Worlds is due to launch at midnight next Friday, October 25th. Timezone magic means it's actually out Thursday night for Americans. It'll cost £50 on the Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store, though it'll also be covered by the Xbox Game Pass subscription doodad. While Obsidian are owned by Microsoft these days, this is published by Take-Two's Private Division.

Don't confuse The Outer Worlds with Outer Wilds, though god knows I have typed Outer Wilds a half-dozen times while writing this post. No, Outer Wilds is the 2019 space game about exploring a time loop in a collapsing solar system. It's really very good, our Outer Wilds review will tell you. It even has a planet breaking apart piece-by-piece - now that's spectacle.

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