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The Outer Worlds reputation guide - all reputation statuses defined

How to make friends and influence people.

Diplomacy is a big part of The Outer Worlds. You can make or break your reputation with a faction based on decisions made, whether you were caught doing crimes, or other good and bad deeds. The game assigns statuses, but it can be a tad confusing trying to work out what each one gives you.

The Outer Worlds reputation guide

Our The Outer Worlds reputation guide explains what actions can affect your relationship with each of the factions in the game.

The Outer Worlds reputation guide contents

The Outer Worlds reputation

What affects reputation in The Outer Worlds?

Reputation is affected by the decisions you make in-game when interacting with NPCs of one of several factions. It's represented by two bars that you can use to gauge your reputation with each faction: Positive and Negative.

If you have a positive reputation with a faction, then you'll be friendly with the faction in question and can even get vendor prices reduced by up to 25%. However, hostile actions will cost you this discount and may even put you into situations where they increase their prices for you, or just flat out turn hostile.


  • Completing quests.
  • Favouring them in pivotal decisions.


  • Killing members of that faction.
  • Getting caught doing crimes (stealing/murder).
  • Completing quests that impact their lives.
  • Not favouring them in pivotal decisions.

Decisions that affect Reputation

Given that this is walking into spoiler territory, we're putting these in a spoiler tag. Open it up if you want to know which decisions affect your reputation.

The Outer Worlds ID Cartridge

The Outer Worlds reputation statuses defined

The way that reputation thresholds in The Outer Worlds are defined in-game is by assigning you a status. It's found in the reputation tab of the character menu. We think we now know all of the reputation statuses, but if you want a deeper explanation about how it all works, think of how reputation works like this:

Let's divide each reputation into levels:

  • Level 1: 0%-29% reputation
  • Level 2: 30%-49% reputation
  • Level 3: 50%-79% reputation
  • Level 4: 80% reputation

For every increase in perks that positive reputation level gives you, a negative reputation level will negate the bonus by one stage. So for example, even though you might have a 100% positive reputation with a faction, reaching 30%-49% reputation in the negative levels will reduce the vendor discount to the level reached if you got to positive reputation level 3. If you have matching positive and negative reputation levels, think of it as neutral.

If you want the most vendor discounts, you'll want to aim for 100% positive reputation and under 30% negative reputation.

Here are all the statuses we've seen:

StatusPositive ReputationNegative ReputationEffects
Neutral0% - 29%0% - 29%None
Mixed30% - 49%30% - 49%None
Cautious50% - 79%50% - 79%None
Agreeable30% - 49%0% - 29%Vendor prices reduced by 5%.
Confused50% - 79%30% - 49%Vendor prices reduced by 5%.
Tolerant80%+50% - 79%Vendor prices reduced by 5%.
Friendly50% - 79%0% - 29%Vendor prices reduced by 15%.
Understanding80%+30% - 49%Vendor prices reduced by 15%.
Revering80%+0% - 29%Vendor prices reduced by 25%.
Off-Put0% - 29%30% - 49%Vendor prices increased by 10%.
Bitter30% - 49%50% - 79%Vendor prices increased by 10%.
Agitated50% - 79%80%+Vendor prices increased by 10%.
Angry0% - 29%50% - 79%Vendor prices increased by 25% Faction members will attack you on sight.
Scared30% - 49%80%+Vendor prices increased by 25% Faction members will attack you on sight.
Repulsed0% - 29%80%+Vendor prices increased by 50%. Faction members will attack you on sight.

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The Outer Worlds

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