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The Outlast Trials' closed beta will run over Halloween weekend

Survive terrifying ordeals with a friend

Outlast is filled with creepy doctors performing horrifying surgeries in the dark, but upcoming co-op sequel The Outlast Trials is now going to let you share that trauma with a friend. A new trailer debuted at Gamescom Opening Night Live this evening, and revealed that the closed beta will run over Halloween weekend, from October 28th to November 1st. You can head over to the Steam store page to request access now.

The Outlast Trials was originally announced a couple of years ago. Back then, Red Barrels shared that it was going to be set during the Cold War and will act as a prequel to both Outlast and Outlast 2. In the years since, a few different trailers have showed that Trials will still feature lots of limbs getting chopped off and evil doctors trying to brainwash patients, in classic Outlast style. You'll just have a friend by your side this time.

The latest trailer from Gamescom 2022 is no different, as it cuts through a variety of the titular trials we can expect to face as we undergo "involuntary re-education". It's a lot of very brief flashes sewn together, but there are some moving mannequins and one very scary nun between all of the gore. As this is an Outlast game, we also see a few night vision shots, as you'll no doubt need to scramble about in the dark if you want to survive.

I played the original Outlast, in which you play as a journalist investigating an asylum, at the very young age of 12. It's almost entirely set in complete darkness, which you navigate by popping batteries into your camcorder to use its night vision mode. I quickly ran out of batteries and found myself stumbling about in the dark for hours, which was terrifying. Maybe I can push through to the end of The Outlast Trials if a friend commits to playing the game and completing objectives for me while I find a corner and cry.

There's still no final release date for The Outlast Trials just yet, but if you fancy some scares over Halloween, then make sure you get into that closed beta on Steam. Stay tuned to the official developer site for more info in the coming months, too.

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