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The PC version of Destiny 2 is out now

Does that make this Destiny's child?

It's 6pm over here in ol' Blighty, which means that according to this handy launch-times map Bungie's zeitgeist-wrangling online FPS Destiny 2 is available to play on PC. For those who preordered and preloaded, your copy of the game should be unlocking just about now, assuming the servers haven't burst into flames, of course.

If you've not preordered and are still wondering what all the fuss is about, check out the PC launch trailer after the jump, and see the game described by many Destiny fans as "It's way better now!" and by some of the original game's detractors as "Actually good this time.". High praise, for sure.

It's Halo by way of Borderlands, with maybe a dash of Phantasy Star Online to taste. For me, that's just fine. I personally can't see myself sinking hundreds of hours into it the way many others have, but by some accounts there's a lengthy, partially open-world FPS with a decently written story waiting for me here. Much moreso than the original game, and plenty to get through before reaching the eternal treadmills of endgame and PvP loot-hoarding.

I came to the original Destiny fashionably late, with the release of the final expansion. While undeniably a mess at launch, with scars from a messy development cycle (such as having half the story hidden away in lore entries only visible outside of the game), I must say that it was a satisfying enough FPS with some brilliant shotguns, and I'm looking forward to diving into the sequel.

For those worried about the state of our version of the game, fear not. There have been no shortage of reports confirming that the PC version is the definitive version of Destiny 2, packed with graphical/control options and capable of running maxed out at 1080p at a locked 60fps on a comfortably mid-spec PC. Even people with budget-priced desktops or older gaming laptops shouldn't have to make too many concessions, graphics-wise. Here are the system requirements, if you want to be sure. [Bungie have also noted that those waiting for it to unlock like escited children might need to restart Battle.net for the 'Play' button to appear -Ed]

Before I go and leave you to your new world of loot and levelling, let's just talk about the one true trailer for Destiny 2: The live-action one from Japan. Not just incredibly charming, but it's probably the most accurate advertising Destiny has seen, depicting the game as it truly is: A sci-fi battlefield that can become an impromptu dance party at the drop of a hat.

Fun fact: The multitude of dance emotes in Destiny 2 automatically sync up with any other nearby dancers. Like I said; truth in advertising.

Destiny 2 is available exclusively on Battle.net and carries an RRP of £45/$60 (£60/$90, if you feel like getting the season pass early), although third-party stores may still be offering it for a good chunk lower. I got it for about £37 via Green Man Gaming, although they're reportedly out of keys at present.

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