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The Plane Effect looks like another quiet, creepy adventure game

Time to head home from corpo headquarters

For many of us right now, clocking out for the day means kicking back your desk chair's adjustable back by a notch and suddenly you're at "home". In newly announced adventure puzzler The Plane Effect it's not nearly so simple. You clock out on your final day of work only to dodge a mysterious observer on your way through this dark, dystopian world as a worker known as Solo.

"It is your last day, it's time to clock out and head home. But where is home? What is home? Is someone watching Solo? Get lost in a time-and-mind bending adventure game, set in a dystopian future," say the creators.

The announcement trailer for The Plane Effect is just above and it certainly does have a particular look to it. I assume it will be tough for the low color and low poly aesthetic to dodge inevitable comparissons to the likes of Limbo and Inside, but if it's anywhere near as unsettling as Playdead's games, perhaps that'll work in its favor.

The creators don't let on much about how exactly The Plane Effect will play, but they call it an "atmospheric narrative experience" and mention puzzles so I'd expect a fair bit of walking around the game's various areas looking for interactions and working out just what's going on in this dark world. There are some nasty shocking drone bots and quite a large baddie creature at the end there too, so it looks like it won't be all quiet moments either.

The Plane Effect hasn't announced a release date just yet, but you can keep an eye out and wishlist it over on Steam.

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The Plane Effect

PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch

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